This gorgeous cover was carried on the Airship HINDENBURG from Frankfort/Main, Germany to Lakehurst, NJ in May of 1936.

What's unique about this particular cover is the blue-and-silver flyer it contains. Photos of the front and back of the cover and of the enclosed flyer are included below. There are also links for you to see full resolution (300 dots-per-inch) images of each picture.

This cover has been in the current owner's family since it was delivered in New York. No other stamp collector or dealer has ever had possession of this cover! Now, for the first time ever, this cover is offered for sale. 

As you will see in the (enlarged) images, there is some slight wear and fraying on the edge of the envelope. However, the two Deutsche Luftpost Zeppelin stamps (50 and 75 denominations) are in great shape. There are a few age stains on the envelope, but the writing, franking, and stamp imprints are all clear and legible.

The enclosure is in superb condition. It is printed in silver (aluminum?) on a dark royal blue-coated stock, and is in outstanding condition, having only two folds in it where it was folded for insertion into the envelope. The images below do not show the good condition of the reflective silver print (due to lighting).

Look carefully at the images below, and see what it's worth to you to add this wonderful cover to your collection! Bid now!

This is the front of the cover. Click HERE to see a full resolution image.
This is the back of the cover. Click HERE to see a full resolution image.
This is the front of the enclosure. Click HERE to see a full resolution image.
This is the back of the enclosure. Click HERE to see a full resolution image.
This is a closeup of the stamp on the back of the enclosure

All Sales Final. All sales from this auction are final. This is not an approval auction. Please bid based on your evaluation of the images provided. We warranty that these images are true and accurate representations of the product being offered. You may examine the cover in person if you will come to central Mississippi.

PAYMENT: I'm easy. I'll take a money order, a bank check, a bank draft, or any credit card through PayPal. I'll even take a check if you are willing to wait for it to clear before I ship. If you are paying by any means other than PayPal, please email me at weo1 at snicko dot com for a mailing address. If paying through PayPal, use that same email address as the receiving account.

SHIPPING: I will ship this to you via Priority Mail, for a flat rate of $5. If you want it shipped any other way, I'll be happy to accommodate, as long as you pay the extra cost. I highly recommend insurance. Note that if you do NOT purchase insurance, then you accept all risk of loss or damage during delivery. 



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