Note: All digital products are available on CD. Simply add $5 to the price to cover shipping and the cost of the media, and tell us where you'd like it sent. Multiple purchases can be added to any CD (up to the capacity of the disk), and there will still be only one charge of $5.

PRINTING AVAILABLE: We will print for you on heavy (60 lb) paper as many parts as you need for your band. Our fee for this is $0.15 per 11x17 page, or $0.10 per 8 1/2 x 11 page, plus shipping, which will be about $5. Multiple-page parts will be laid out properly, and condensed scores will be printed in booklet form. If a part is two pages, printed on one 11x17 page, it counts as only one 11x17 page. Printing on both sides counts as two pages. It may take us up to a week to process special printing orders. Email us for details.

Please bear with us as we continue working to set up our website. We plan to have a secure website with automated product delivery up and running by May 2005.

Until then, if you'd like to order one of our products, you need to do two things:

Thing One:

First, email us at Include the information below, and wait for our answer.

Tell us what you want to puchase, and if you have any special needs, such as a piece of music transposed into a different key. 

Tell us how you intend to pay. We prefer PayPal for now, but we're flexible. See below for more information. Do not submit a PayPal payment until you get our return email.

We will email you back with the availability and final price of what you want. Unless you request any special items, the price will be as advertised here on the website.

Thing Two:

Second, when you get our return email, submit your payment to us, with product and contact information.

Right now, PayPal is quickest, so we prefer that. But we're pretty flexible as far as payment goes. We'll take cash, bank check, money order, Moneygram, or bank draft. If you want to write a check, email us first. Sorry, we don't take poultry or apple pies in lieu of payment. 

If you're paying through PayPal, please remit the payment to PayPal ID

If you want to pay by any means except PayPal, email us for our mailing address.

Whenever you send payment, be absolutely CERTAIN to indicate with the submission what that payment is for! Nothing's more frustrating than to receive a PayPal payment or a money order, and have no clue what that payment is for!

Also be sure to include some way we can get in touch with you, preferably a phone number, in addition to the email and/or physical mailing address to which you want us to send your product.


Thanks for working with us during this development phase. We'll have a more sophisticated way to handle things soon.

We hope you'll love our products, and come back soon for more. Whether you like them or not, please let us know so we can improve.