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This page contains links to other websites we know about and who have linked to us. A listing on this page does not necessarily mean I endorse or recommend this site. If I do recommend a linked site here, I'll say so in the description.

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The Mississippi Community Symphonic Band's official website. Check us out!

Silver Clef Music

Silver Clef Music Publishing - concert band sheet music publishers. A great opportunity for those who have written band music to have it published.

Our latest project is our wonderful ENSEMBLE CONCERT BOOK series. Follow the link to check us out. The Quality Teaching Initiatives Institute website. One of the biggest problems in education today, particularly higher education, is teachers who don't know how to teach. QTII has the answer. Project Sousa is dedicated to making public domain band music freely available to the public. Go to this site to download or contribute public domain band music. Business Automation Solutions can automate your small or medium sized business, probably using the people and equipment you already have! No need to go buy new hardware or hire an IT department. The information website for the Mississippi Baptist Symphony Orchestra Japanese to English translations, paper correction, journal submissions, standardized test comprehension coaching and essay question coaching, essential Business English services.

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I will accept links from sites that offer free information, sites that minister grace to and edify people, sites that are funny without being raw or disgusting, sites that offer periodic  devotionals, sites that offer tutorials in just about anything, or any other site that I feel is good for people in the online community.

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