The difference between writing done by an amateur and that done by a professional is READABILITY.

"Readability" in writing is evident in something I call "transparency." This means you're not even aware you're reading it until you reach the end. 

The very best novels have this quality. You read for a while, and you almost have to "wake up" from being immersed in the words.

Any sort of writing done by a professional-caliber writer has this quality of transparency.

So What is Copywriting?

Simple. Copywriting is "Salesmanship In Print."  But it's much more than that. It's the ability to present a product in such a way that people become interested, then motivated to purchase it.

Different writers do this with different degrees of success. 

So why should you hire me? Again, the answer is simple: success. Here's an example of an ad I wrote to sell a Chevrolet Suburban. Now get this -- the car was twelve years old, and it had nearly a quarter of a million miles on it. Would you think about buying a car like that? 

Before you answer, just go read the ad. Read it now, then come back here and read the rest of this story.

Check out this CHEVROLET SUBURBAN for sale!

Now, as Paul Harvey might say, the rest of the story.

I finished doing that writeup, and asked a friend to proofread it, just to be sure I hadn't made any awful blunders. The friend read the ad, and bought the car.

Now this friend had known me ever since before I got the car. They had ridden literally thousands of miles with me in that car. They knew I was trying to sell the car. Yet this friend never even thought once about buying this car, until reading the ad. 

By the way, they still have the car, and they love it.

You want another example? Okay, how about this one. I wrote up an ad for a not-cheap house for sale. Within a few days of posting this ad on the internet, before I had a chance to put pictures on the page, the house sold, for the full asking price. 

Take a look at the ad here.

Fantastic HOUSE FOR SALE In Central Florida

I can furnish you more examples if you like. 

Put Me To Work For YOU!

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Remember, having a pro write your ads, your website, or your story, can make a huge difference.