Putting AUDIO onto your web pages is one of the most effective ways you can  communicate. 

Sales pages see their conversion rates skyrocket, information pages become much more credible, personal and family information pages become much more personal and warm when you include an audio clip. 

The mere ability for someone to hear your voice makes you more human, gives you yet another sensory input to communicate with, and generally increases believability.

Until now, you either had to pay someone a steep monthly hosting fee to provide this service for you, or you had to purchase a moderately expensive program to make these files yourself. 

NO MORE! can now furnish you with "Instant-Play" audio files you can embed in your web pages, at a fraction of what you'd have to pay someone else to host these files for you.

The cool thing is that you OWN these files. You can host them on your own server, and you have total control over where to put them on your page.


The old way to put audio on a website was to link to an MP3 file, or worse, use it as background music for a page. 

First, MP3 files, as much space as they save over WAV files, are still HUGE! Second, many people still don't have high-speed internet connections, and you'll totally lose those people if you make them download a big file. Third, people can "steal" your MP3 files and use them on their own sites. 


We will create for you a special file (a Flash Shockwave file) that's less than 15% the size of an equivalent MP3 file, and less than 2% the size of a WAV file. 

This means that on a high speed connection, short files load virtually instantaneously. That's why we call it "Instant-Play" Audio. Even on a dial-up connection, the wait is not too bad. 

Another advantage is that people play or stop the audio using a set of control buttons they're probably already familar with. You can put these buttons right inside your text, out in the margin, or even in a smaller popup window if you prefer. 

Finally, no normal person will be able to steal your files. If someone were a super-hacker, there's probably nothing you could do to thwart them anyway, but the files they get will not be usable on their MP3 player. 


Imagine creating an online Family Christmas or Birthday card! You can have your whole family -- or office, or church group or neighborhood -- singing that special song, and PUT IT ON THE INTERNET!

You can add testimonials or reassurance messages to your sales pages.

You can add demonstration audio to your music pages.

The possibilities are limitless!


We will create all the files and send you everything you need to include your audio in your web page for only $9! 

Use the CONTACT US form HERE, or email weo1 at snicko dot com for details, or simply send your WAV or MP3 file, and send your $9 payment via PayPal to PayPal ID weo1 at snicko dot com.



This section is intended to allow you to compare different RESOLUTIONS OF SOUND QUALITY.

Because the sound files we offer are so small, they necessarily have to cut out some information. But we have found that it's almost impossible to distinguish between the file size we recommend and an almost ten-times-larger MP3 file. Especially over the internet, on computer speakers. 

Here's something for you to make the comparison yourself.

The two clips below are made from the same source file. One of the ways it is good to compare these files is to click PLAY on one file and listen to a few bars, then click PAUSE, then listen to the same few bars from the other file, and repeat.

The WAV file from which these audio "instant play" files are made was over 30.5 MB. An MP3 file made from the WAV file is over 2.77 MB.The music itself lasts 2:57.

The tune is THE ACB March, by David P. Miller, performed by the Mississippi Community Symphonic Band.

This is the "Low Resolution" File. The entire file (including the code for the buttons) is 347 KB. On a high speed connection, the page loads almost instantly. On a low-speed, dial-up connection, you might wait 10 minutes or more while the page loads.
This is the "Medium Resolution" file. The entire file (including the code for the buttons) is 2.78 MB. On a high speed connection it will take several (about 20?) seconds for the page to load. On a slow-speed, dial-up connection, the delay would be intolerable.

We strongly recommend the low resolution file for internet usage, because it will load much more quickly than any other file type.

However, we also offer MP3-size resolution files at $14 each, or WAV resolution (almost lossless) files at $19 each. 

Unless you specify one of the higher resolution files, we will by default send you the low resolution file, as we have found that to be totally adequate for almost all situations.

So send us your files today - we'll have you putting audio on your website in short order!