WOW! This is GREAT!

If you have ever searched for something on eBay (tm) and been totally frustrated because there's SO MUCH stuff there you're not interested in, then this service is for you!

Here's an example of what we do. If you're looking to purchase, say, a good used trumpet on eBay, you open their website and type in "Trumpet" in their search box, right? Egads! If you do that, you'll get over 4,000 listings (as of June 2006)! Once I apply my filters, I eliminate almost 1,000 listings of things that are NOT a trumpet. The result is almost all the listings you see are those you're looking for.

Can you do this yourself? Sure you can. And it'll take you about a half an hour each time. Each time you want to look for a trumpet, or whatever it is you're looking for, you'll either have to endure a boatload of stuff you don't want, or you'll have to take the time to enter all the filter items yet again. 

Given that eBay is a fast-changing website, you really OUGHT to check it out every day. But if it's such a pain to do the filters, you probably won't go back as much as you know you should. 

Now there's a solution! 


For the paltry fee of $20, I will build these filters for you, so you will get a set of eBay listings that have MOST of the extraneous listings filtered out. But more than that, I will also build you your very own web page with these listings, so you can bookmark it, and go directly there as often as you like! 

I will host this site for 60 days as part of your initial fee, then one of three things will happen. (1) You will have shared the web page with lots and lots of other people, such that there is enough traffic to the page for me to keep it up; (2) You can pay another hosting fee for me to continue to host it; or (3) I'll just take the page off the website. 

If you're interested in this service, just shoot me an email from my CONTACT US page, and we'll get started.


Want an example of what we're talking about? Okay. Remember we were talking about trying to buy a trumpet up above? For a sample (LIVE!) web page that filters out almost everything except trumpets, check it out here. (The page may take a few moments to load.)

Targeted Auction Page for TRUMPETS only


Even worse than looking for a trumpet (there are better ways to do that), looking for CONCERT BAND SHEET MUSIC on eBay is hugely complex. See a live example of a Targeted Listing set for concert band sheet music here.

Targeted Auction Page for Concert Band Sheet Music

That's it. Send me an email from the CONTACT US form, and let's get started with YOUR targeted auction pages.