36" SONY

Well, we FINALLY saved up enough to buy one of those new, large-screen flat-panel TVs, and that means our "old" TV is up for sale! And you get the bargain.

This TV is a 36" flat-screen (not flat panel) Sony WEGA Trinitron. If you've followed TV types and prices over the years, you know this is an EXCELLENT television. I bought this TV brand new in 2005 or 2006 for about $450, and it is state-of-the-art for CRT televisions at that time.

The color is beautiful, the picture quality is excellent (you can see banding in the image above because the camera that took the picture is so good, it captured the interlacing scans of the cathode ray tube; this banding is not visible to the naked eye), and the stereo sound (see the speakers on each side of the picture) is so good that sometimes the sound seems like it's coming from several feet off to the side of the TV!

This TV uses a 3-line digital comb filter, 3-electron guns (one each for red, green, and blue), resulting in a really crisp picture and purer colors (including black) than other technologies. It also has Steady Sound which makes the volume difference between programming and commercials less.  There are tons more features, that I'll include on this page if I ever find the user's manual.

This does have only an analog tuner, which

 means if you get your TV signal from an antenna, you will need a converter box. However, if you have cable or satellite TV, you should be just fine getting your channels just as you already do.

Unfortunately, this isn't the "latest technology" so I can't get anything near what I want out of it. I'm hoping to get $250 for this TV, but my wife says I need to get this thing OUT OF THE HOUSE as soon as possible!

So if you need an EXCELLENT family TV or even spare TV at a super-bargain price, give me a call at 601-607-7364 and let's talk.

NOTICE: This is a HEAVY TV! I can help you move it, and I have a dolly to wheel it outside, but you'll need maybe two strong people to help lift it into your truck.

Call me now, at 601-607-7364, and you'll get a great TV at a super bargain price!




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