You will see a number of ads on the SNICKO.COM website. Let me share with you what these are and why they are here.

First, you're probably like me, and don't particularly like ads very much. Sure there are some that are interesting, and some that I'm actually interested in, but sometimes I feel there are just TOO MANY of the blasted things. See my AOL RANT for one particular instance that really steams me.

But ads also can do some good.

The two main good things ads do is to let us know about things we otherwise wouldn't know about, and now they can provide a small income for the little guy. Like me. 

The ads Ion this website are here specifically to try to raise enough money to keep the website operational. 

Here's how they work. 

Google Ads

With Google ads, like the ones you see at the right, whenever you click on one of these ads, a small (very small) commission is paid into the account of whoever owns the web page. Enough clicks will eventually have earn enough to run the site for a few months. It might take a year to get that much, but hey, it's better than nothing. 

But please also be aware that whenever you click on an ad, it also COSTS the advertiser. They are expecting this as a part of their operations cost, but please, even if you LOVE a site and want to help, please do not click on these ads just to provide a commission. If that's the only reason you are clicking, I don't want it. HOWEVER, if you're genuinely interested in the ad -- and they do try diligently to interest you -- then go ahead. The advertiser is hoping you'll like whatever they're offering enough to buy it. Some will, some won't. That's part of the way the business works. I am not telling you to click these ads -- I am simply explaining how they work. 

Amazon Ads, eBay Listings, ClickBank Offerings, etc.

Unlike the Google Ads, the listings you see for Amazon (tm)  products, for ClickBank offerings, for eBay auctions, or for any of the products I endorse and provide a link to do not pay a commission unless you actually buy something. So please feel free to click on those ads out of idle curiosity.

Also, if you really love this site and would like to help keep us online, then it's okay to use SNICKO.COM as your gateway to access Amazon or eBay or ClickBank. 

Your purchases will not cost you any more, and they will help us. 

As always, I'm interested in hearing your questions, comments, and suggestions. Just use our contact page and let me know what you think.

Take care and God Bless,